Author Agreement Terms


THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING exists as on date between the IARS’ PRESS: An extend unit of International Association of Research Scholars (hereinafter called PUBLISHER) and any Author(s) of any work Published with IARS' Press or any work submitted for consideration/processing for publishing with IARS' Press (hereinafter called AUTHOR(S)).

WHEREAS the AUTHOR(S) has(ve) requested formatting, editing, processing (of any required type), publishing (print/electronic/other), and distributing the submitted content within the manuscript with an assigned title (hereinafter called the WORK), both the PUBLISHER and AUTHOR(S) hereby engage themselves in herein described agreement of mutual trust and obligations.


  1. The Author(s) of the work shall take ethical responsibilities about the originality of content, correctness of results, and authenticity of the resources.
  2. The Author(s) shall not copy the work or part of its contents, produce redundant information, and exploit the ambiguity in content.
  3. The Author(s) shall respect all copyrights, patents, acknowledgements, references, disclosures, and conflicts of interests as and wherever applicable in whatsoever manners.
  4. The Author(s) shall claim the credit only for work that they have produced originally by themselves.
  5. The Author(s) shall appropriately cite and acknowledge the work of others as well as their own related work that they have got already published and used as reference in the currently submitted work. It is the responsibility of the Author(s), and not the editors or reviewers or publisher, or any other team member, to ensure that relevant prior research outcomes and discoveries and published or produced content are appropriately acknowledged with the original citations in content of manuscripts submitted for publication.
  6. The Author(s) should submit only original and unpublished works to the Publisher, no part of which has been previously published in print or electronic or other as, or is under consideration as, a peer-reviewed article in another journal, as a non-peer-reviewed article (such as a review) in another journal, or as a book chapter or any other form.
  7. The Author(s) shall determine whether the disclosure of content requires the prior consent of other parties and, if so, obtain that consent prior to submission. Taking permission to include any such content in the work is the sole responsibility of the Author(s). The Publisher would consider that all such permissions have already been taken by the Author(s) before submission of the work. The Publisher would neither ask nor remind nor seek evidences for any such permission from the Author(s).
  8. The Author(s) should maintain access to original research results; primary data should remain in the laboratory and should be preserved for a minimum of five years or for as long as there may be reasonable need to refer for justifications in case of any dispute related to the work.
  9. The Author(s) of the work submitted for publication shall assume full responsibility, within the limits of their professional competence, for the accuracy and completeness of the facts, procedures, results, and other content contained in their work.
  10. The Author(s), by submitting the work to the Publisher, assign to IARS’ Press all rights to publish and distribute the work in part or in its entirety. Author(s)’ name will always be included with the publication of the work.
  11. The Author has the following nonexclusive rights: 
    1. To use the work in the Author(s)’ teaching activities;
    2. To include the manuscript in the Author(s)’ own personal or departmental (but not institutional) database; and
    3. To permit reprints of the part of work (not more than 10% of total volume) to third persons for educational photocopying only.
  12. The Author(s) hereby grants the IARS’ Press full and exclusive rights to the content of the work, all revisions, and the full copyright.
  13. The Author(s) agree to appropriately and properly credit the IARS’ Press: An extended unit of International Association of Research Scholars as the original publisher of the work.
  14. By submission of the work to the Publisher, IARS’ Press hereby claims the rights including but are not limited to the following:
    1. To take final decision about selection/rejection of work for publishing in parts or entirety with or without modifications.
    2. To reproduce, publish, sell, and distribute copies of the work, selections of the work, and translations and other derivative works based upon the its content, in print, audio-visual, electronic, or by any and all media now or hereafter known or devised;
    3. To license reprints of the manuscript to third persons for educational photocopying;
    4. To license others to create abstracts of the work and to index the work;
    5. To license secondary publishers to reproduce the manuscript in print, microform, or any computer-readable form, including electronic on-line databases; and
    6. To license the manuscript for document delivery.
    7. To plan the production and distribution strategies, timings, duration, region, quality, and all other required controls for the work.
    8. To set the prices of different editions/forms of the published work for sale in different regions of globe at its discretion.
  15. These exclusive rights run the full term of the copyright and agreement, and all renewals and extensions thereof.
  16. The Publisher, and its representatives do NOT take any responsibilities of violation of copyright, patent, or any other laws or rules by the Author(s) in the work or due to any ignorance in publishing process.
  17. The Publisher disclaims the responsibility of correctness or completeness of the content in any respect and the Author(s) is (are) considered to take complete responsibility of the submitted work.
  18. All part of published work shall be considered under the copyright of IARS' Press and by submission of work to the Publisher for publishing, the Author(s) hereby transfer the intellectual rights to IARS’ Press. All rights are reserved. The published work can be retrieved and used solely for personal use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior permission from IARS' Press.
  19. The Publisher makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained in the work for any purpose. All such information is provided with specific disclaimer of any warranties of merchantability fitness for purpose, title and/or non-infringement.
  20. The Publisher reserves the right to take decisions for continued or temporary discontinued, or permanently stopped publishing, printing, distribution, or any other process in the best interest of the work, business, and people.
  21. In any case or conditions, the work and concerned rights cannot be transferred or shared with any other publisher or party without written consent of IARS’ Press.
  22. Both parties, the Publisher and the Author(s), hereby commit to give their best possible efforts for publicity, sales, distribution, and update the work and do all possible for overall success of the work at their own expenses.
  23. The Publisher is NOT bound to pay to the Author(s) or their representatives or any other concerned parties any honorarium or royalties or parts of profits unless agreed separately.
  24. At times, the Publisher can request the updates of the work to meet the changes requirements of the market or audience. Also the Author(s) can volunteer to initiate updates in the content of the work. The Author(s) agree to provide the updates of the work as per requirement within expected and agreed timeframes failing which, the Publisher reserves the right to get the updates done from other parties and cost of update shall be payable as per decision and communication by the Publisher.
  25. In case of any dispute related to the content, the Publisher reserves its right to take steps to safeguard its business and people by discontinuing distribution, modification in content, or others as appropriate. The Author(s) shall be liable to pay for any financial or other losses due to the content of the work and/or disputes related to it.
  26. The IARS’ PRESS would be responsible for editing, formatting, and production of International Editions and/or Low Cost Editions and/or other editions (if any) of all selected work as per its own standards in print and/or electronic and/or other formats as applicable. The IARS’ PRESS reserves its rights to outsource completely/partially or to associate with other groups/individuals for editing, formatting, production, and distribution of the work.
  27. This agreement document mentions the terms and conditions of alliance of IARS’ PRESS with its Author(s) although it does not cover the terms of alliance of IARS’ PRESS with other associates or organization or the terms of its independent working that can impact some parts of terms stated in this document. For the same, the Author(s) should write to IARS’ PRESS as and when the case should be. Although, in any case of any impacts of the terms that are not mentioned in this document, the IARS’ PRESS does not own any responsibility of advance information or any other and reserves its rights about all decisions in any such cases.
  28. IARS’ PRESS reserves its right to add/delete/modify any part of the agreement without prior notice or to abandon it with a notification to the Author(s). The terms of this agreement and other related conditions are available on the official website of IARS’ Press and are termed to modifications without prior notice. At any time, the terms mentioned on the official website of the Publisher. The Author(s) and other concerned parties are responsible for keeping them updated about the terms of agreement from the official website of the Publisher.